Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be pleased with Lea Wedding Cars that we will refund your entire fee should you not be completely satisfied with our service.  Another Lea Wedding Cars difference.

Our guide prices for weddings are:

These prices include:

  • Detailed discussions a few weeks before the wedding to agree specific arrangements and timings.
  • Your printed itinerary emailed to you after we agree exact arrangements a few weeks before the wedding
  • Your driver and car are not booked out for a second time on the day of your wedding – we would not want delays to cause unnecessary difficulties or stress – and are available to you for as long as you require them. No time limits. We are not like a taxi firm that hires by the hour.
  • The agreed car – cleaned, polished and fully maintained to be reliable – and a member of our team of experienced, trained, liveried award winning chauffeurs.
  • As many trips to the ceremony venue and reception venue as required.
  • Our Chauffeur is your Personal Assistant “always at your service” – but they stay in the background – effective but unseen – as far as possible.
  • We will lend you ribbons and flowers for a friend’s car that is being used to transport some of the wedding party.
  • A choice of the colour of silk ribbons on the front of the car and in the flowers on the rear shelf to match the bridesmaid’s dresses, or any colour theme that you have chosen for your wedding. We can double up the ribbons to involve two colours if you wish. Looks good.
  • A bottle of chilled Champagne or other suitable drinks served in cut glass flutes for the couple after the wedding ceremony to help you relax and feel pampered on your journey to the wedding reception.
  • A bottle of chilled Champagne or other suitable drinks served in cut glass flutes for the adult passengers of the second and third cars if appropriate. For children we suggest apple fruit shoots.
  • We can take photos at the house on departure and informal photos throughout the event if you wish. We would prefer to use your camera and perhaps phone too then you end up with photos of your wedding on your own camera that you can send to friends or people who could not make the wedding, maybe at the last minute, print, take with you to enjoy on your honeymoon, or whatever you wish. Alternatively we can use our camera and send you a memory stick of photos afterwards.
  • We can video the pre-ceremony preparations and journeys, the ceremony itself and the after-ceremony period up to when we leave with your camcorder and this is included in our prices above.  If we use our camcorder but your SD card that will cost £50 extra.  If we use our camcorder and you would like us to produce for you up to three professionally produced DVDs or Blue-ray discs of your wedding to include a menu, music, titles, an edited film of your wedding and a slideshow – and each DVD is presented in a special box with photos of your wedding on the outside  – a wonderful memento of your wedding for you to enjoy and treasure – then, for up to three discs – this will cost an extra £200 – just to pay our technician to do a professional job.  If you want us to stay to film the speeches this will cost an extra £120.  Extra discs are available and cost £10 each.
  • A detour if you wish on the way to the reception venue so that guests can arrive first and get settled whilst you drink the champagne, enjoy the drive and have a little extra private time together away from the glare of guests and cameras. We can also ring the best man perhaps and have him organise a cheering clapping crowd outside the reception venue as you arrive. Excellent.
  • A “Just married” sign on the rear of the car and tin cans too if you wish.
  • Umbrellas and our “we will keep you dry” service from our chauffeurs
  • All our cars have tissues, mouth fresheners, a bottle of water and Tic Tacs for your use.
  • We can liaise with other transport companies if desired to provide a seamless service – car, coach, bus, minibus, or horse and carriage. And liaise with the photographer beforehand if desired.

We may reduce the above prices for:

  • A second or third car. Typically 2 cars attract a 5% discount, 3 cars a 10% discount – although these can vary.
  • Local weddings where the ceremony and reception are in the one venue.
  • Weddings in October to March.

We may increase the above prices for:

  • Significantly more than 6 hours involvement in total.
  • Significantly more than 75 miles in total.
  • Midnight collection for the bride and groom to take them to an hotel or the airport after the reception.
  • Whilst filming your wedding with your camcorder is included in our standard prices, our extra filming and DVD services described above cost extra.
If you would like to book our services for your Special Day, please call us on either 01772 379753 or 07831 804520.