Range Rover Vogue Overfinch

Favoured by the Royal Family this superb prestigious car is an icon of the British motor industry. It is extremely comfortable and its go-anywhere capability gives a huge feeling of security to passengers. Four wheel drive makes it very suitable for winter weddings!

Being an Overfinch it has special wheels and, perhaps more important – a special inside. The car is metallic black and the interior has ebony wood panelling and the black and ivory leather seats are hand stitched – they feel and look amazing. And the headlining too is quite superb.

It has every gadget for your wedding day comfort and enough space for 4 passengers in style and comfort. The roominess and comfort will keep the bride (and bride’s dress) beautiful, and keep her comfortable on her big day! And the groom won’t mind travelling in a luxury car, either!

Flooding the interior with light, the two sliding panoramic sunroofs enhance the feeling of space and connection to the world outside. Yet, at the touch of a button, the driver and passengers can feel cocooned once more as windows close and the blinds slide into place.

You will feel cossetted and amazing in our Range Rover Overfinch wedding car.

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