Hiring a car for a wedding is not like ordering a taxi

You are being transported on the most important day of your life. You not only want it to be right, you want it to be personal to you. That’s why our service package gives you many choices and extras and why we take time to discuss with you what you want on your wedding day and how we can help.

At Lea Wedding Cars every tiny detail is planned and personalised for you. No two weddings are the same – we have learned that – and we ensure that the unique experience that is YOUR wedding day starts long before you reach the wedding ceremony venue. It starts at the planning stage. Whatever you want for your journeys, we will provide.

Below are some examples of our little extra touches. Of course this list isn’t exhaustive: basically if you want it; you can have it.
  • Arrival of the bride at a time to suit you – 10 minutes before is perhaps best giving time for photos etc. Or you may prefer 2 minutes “fashionably “ late. Your choice.
  • Colour matched ribbons and flowers. Many have ivory ribbons but a pair of ribbons can look good by picking out both the bride’s and the bridesmaid’s dress colour. Your choice. See the gallery pages for examples of colours.
  • Calming the bride whilst she gets ready and providing that note of confident lightness and humour, fixing buttonholes, bracelets and necklaces, putting overnight bags and handbags in the boot, drying posies that have been kept fresh in water, preventing the bride’s dress getting dirty, arranging the bride’s train to walk down the aisle and for photos, looking after and calming latecomers to the ceremony and ushering them to seats and giving them a wedding booklet if available, helping the photographer gather particular family members and guests for specific group photos, using our huge umbrellas to ensure the bride and groom stay dry however hard the rain, and many other helping things we do. Whatever is needed to help it all run smoothly. Our chauffeurs try and stay invisible yet effective.
Our chauffeurs are always on hand to help and do not just sit in the car between journeys –
  • Taking photos throughout with your camera and/or phone so you end up with a set of photos of your wedding on your camera that you can look at in the following days and enjoy on your honeymoon. Instead we can use our camera and send you a disc afterwards. This is in addition to having your own “official” photographer but if you don’t want a photographer we can take that role too. Some of our chauffeurs are very good at it and it is included in our prices so you can save yourself quite a bit of money if you wish.
  • We can video the pre-ceremony preparations and journeys, the ceremony itself, and the after-ceremony period using your camcorder and our tripod so you have a film of your wedding. If we use our camcorder we will afterwards send you a DVD or Blu-ray disc of your wedding to include a menu, music, titles, and photos and housed in a special presentation DVD box with photos on it etc. A treasured memento of your wedding day. More DVDs are available on request. See more details on the Prices page.

    “The DVD you have sent to us is amazing – so professional – a lovely keepsake. You have captured so many special moments – me before I put my dress on, me giving gifts to my bridesmaids, me and dad hugging outside the church, the vows, the signing, the confetti, my niece and nephew looking so sweet – and many more. I have gone and shown it to my gran who was too unwell to be at the wedding and she was thrilled to see it. And I am going to send one to my aunt in New Zealand. You are so much more than a wedding car service. Thank you so much.”

  • Serving chilled champagne for the bride and bridegroom in cut glass flutes. And appropriate drinks such as champagne, lagers & Schloer for the adults and apple fruit shoots for the children on the way to the reception in the second and third car.
  • Providing some private time for the bride and groom. They will not have seen each other that day and it may otherwise be that the first time they are alone and can relax together is when they go to bed that night and by then they are exhausted after a gruelling day. If the ceremony and reception are both in the one venue then a drive after some mingling with guests following the ceremony can be excellent to enable the couple to have a little private time together. If in different venues a detour to enable the guests to arrive first and get settled so that the newlyweds arrive last to a cheering welcoming crowd works very well. On that detour we can go to a place of some sentimental importance to the couple or go somewhere to take some lovely romantic photos of the couple. Or just park up somewhere and relax. Your choice.
  • Providing comfy slippers for the bride to rest her feet on the way to the reception before dancing the night away.
  • Providing a shuttle service for your special guests to the ceremony or to the reception.
  • Providing a wedding car at midnight for the couple to go to the airport or an overnight venue.
  • All our cars have TicTacs, a pack of tissues, mouth freshener and a bottle of water. All for your comfort.
Weddings are different

Here are some examples of different kinds of weddings:


Approach is to have the ceremony at a church, registry office or other wedding venue such as the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster and then go to a hotel or village hall or similar venue for the reception.

One, two or three cars take the wedding party to the ceremony, each car being able to do up to four journeys depending on distances and timing.

After the ceremony the bridal car normally goes on a detour to the reception venue so that the couple have some private time together away from the glare of guests and cameras. They then arrive last as the other cars have gone direct to the reception venue and may be do more than one journey. The couple can arrive first and can arrive quietly without any fuss if they prefer but we recommend arriving last to a cheering welcoming crowd of guests outside the venue, organised normally by the best man after our driver rings him to say that the bridal car is just 5 minutes away. Arriving last enables the guests to get settled – they have driven to the ceremony venue, sat around waiting for the bride to walk in, sat through the ceremony, stood around chatting outside during photos, confetti etc., and lastly driven to the reception venue. They generally want a little time to themselves to get relaxed and ready.

2. Increasingly popular

To have the ceremony and reception in the one venue but the wedding party are getting ready elsewhere. Transport to the venue – perhaps four different journeys first then a drive for the couple to give them a little private time together after the ceremony is important. Otherwise the first time they get to have a chat and relax together is when they go to bed that night and by then they are exhausted after a long and tiring day. So this 10 to 15 minute drive is important.

3. Also common

is to have the ceremony and reception in the one venue and the wedding party are getting ready there too. Obviously less of a need for a car. Maybe for photos and for a drive after the ceremony as explained above.

4. Weddings Abroad

Abroad or at Gretna Green and then have a reception or party back home to celebrate with their friends and family. Our cars and our flexible services can help give it the wedding flavour and make the event really memorable for the couple and for family and friends.

5.Civil Partnerships

These weddings are our speciality, personalised and flexible services can be tailored to what you wish for.

6.Asian weddings – Muslim, Sikh or Hindu

These weddings can be quite culturally different and involve often several locations and ceremonies. Our superb cars and flexible services are particularly suitable.

Our chauffeurs are of course professional,smart, courteous and excellent drivers but they also can act as your PA for the day.

We are on hand to help in any way you wish. We help you in and out of our cars holding your flowers, your clutch bags, your champagne or whatever else whilst you get in and out, we look after your dress, we can put buttonholes on to the mens’ suits, we can mend a broken shoe, we can do up the clasp on bracelets and necklaces, we can take superb photos with your camera and/or phone throughout the day or use our camera and send you a CD afterwards, we can be your official photographer too at no extra charge, we support and help your official photographer especially if he/she is on their own, we can provide a bottle of water if you are suddenly thirsty, we look after late-comers when they arrive for the ceremony, we serve you champagne after the ceremony, we serve other drinks of your choice to the passengers of all cars including apple fruit shoots to flower girls and page boys, we use umbrellas to keep you dry as you walk from and to the car and as you are photographed or chat with your guests, we organise the confetti throwing, we arrange a cheering, applauding welcoming crowd of guests outside the reception venue to welcome you to the reception as you arrive. We are there to help but stay in the background as much as possible.

If you would like to book our services for your Special Day, please call us on either 01772 379753 or 07831 804520.