Terms and Conditions

1.  LEA CARS liability is limited in all cases to a full refund of all monies paid to us by a client should the client not be entirely happy with our vehicles and our services for whatever reason. We accept no other liabilities whether for inconvenience, damage, injury or any other loss of any kind. By paying the full cost of our services for the wedding it is deemed that the client has read, understood and fully accepts this condition.

2. Once a quote has been issued by LEA CARS – normally by email – to the client for certain specific car(s) and services on a particular date that price is fixed and there will be no hidden extras except for producing after the wedding a DVD or Blue-Ray disc of the video of the wedding which is normally £100.

3. A deposit of a minimum of £150 is required to secure the car(s) and chauffeur(s) for the required date. Once this is paid the cars(s) and chauffeur(s) are not booked out again on that date so that they are available, should they be required, for the whole day.

4. The balance of the cost of the car(s) and service(s) is required to be paid to LEA CARS prior to the date which is one month before the wedding date.

5. All payments may be made by bank transfer to the LEA CARS Santander bank account or by cheque or by cash.

6. Once a deposit is received we will post to the client a receipt which gives the main Terms & Conditions and gives the outline details of the wedding.

7. Within a month prior to the wedding we will either meet the client or have a lengthy telephone conversation to discuss the arrangements, options, services, timing, journeys, etc. that are required for us to provide. This is a wedding planning service which we provide as part of the package. We will want to know the first names of all passengers and of the photographer or videographer if any.

8. Lea Cars reserves the right to use any or all photographs and video that we take at a wedding for any and all promotional purposes we deem to be appropriate including but not limited to our website and our social media sites

If you would like to book our services for your Special Day, please call us on either 01772 379753 or 07831 804520.